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About AJU Kim Chang & Lee

  • “AJU Kim Chang & Lee”- Since 1965.

    Our firm was founded by the late Mr. C.H. Park, the former Commissioner of the Korean Intellectual Property office (KIPO), in 1965. Since our founding, we have grown into one of Korea’s leading IP firms. In August 2009, we established a partnership with the general law practice firm of Kim Chang & Lee creating the first Korean law firm to specialize in intellectual property, corporate law, mergers & acquisitions, foreign investment, fair trade, labor, environment, and many other areas of law. This new partnership was renamed to “AJU Kim Chang & Lee” and provides clients with unbeatable "comprehensive legal services".

One Stop Service

AJU Kim Chang & Lee takes pride in our outstanding reputation in Korea and abroad for our accomplishments in all aspects of intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, domain names, and computer program protection. AJU Kim Chang & Lee has an exceptionally high success litigation success rate in these noted areas of intellectual property in Korea's civil, criminal, and patent courts. AJU Kim Chang & Lee takes pride in zealously representing our clients in matters of intellectual property transactions, licensing, litigation, counselling, due diligence,and virtually every other aspect of intellectual property protection. Our members offer an unparallel level of expertise and in-depth sector focus, specializing in the mechanical arts, the electrical art, the semi-conductor arts, the chemical arts, the biotechnology arts, the pharmaceutical arts, the nanotechnology arts, and many other technical areas which are in demand. By combining a general law practice and an intellectual property pratice into a single group, AJU Kim Chang & Lee is uniquely positioned to meet all needs from intellectual property prosecution services to intellectual property litigation and transactional services. Our ability to provide these comprehensive services is  accomplished by close working relationship between our patent attorneys and attorneys at law. AJU Kim Chang & Lee’s tradition of cooperating between our major pratice groups in a streamlined fashion enables our firm to provide practical solutions in all aspects of intellectual property with one-stop service to our clients.