Practice Area

Prosecution (Patents, Trademarks, and Designs)

Applications Filed Over the Last 5 Years

  • 14,000+
    Patent / Utility models
  • 2,000+
    Design Applications
  • 5,000+
    Trademark Applications
  • 5,000+
    Foreign Filings

For almost any issue, AJU Kim Chang & Lee has specialization in the related technical fields. AJU is ready to provide tailored advice to its clients as it relates to the application and prosecution of patent, trademark and design applications. Close collaboration between our team and our clients is AJU's top priority. This collaboration includes research and consulting on technology, drafting patent and utility model applications, and prosecution of patent and trademark applications. AJU's stream lined workflow and proficient approach results in effective and efficient results for our clients.

Among over 1,000 IP firms in Korea, AJU Kim Chang & Lee is one of the top filers of patent, trademark, and design applications and we continuously growing.


왼/위 오/위 오/아래 왼/아래

AJU's experience in the Mechanical Arts includes expertise in:

  • Machinery

  • Automotive

  • Conveying Machinery

  • MotorPrecision Machinery

  • Air Conditioning Machinery

  • Control Systems

  • Robotics

  • Building and Construction Engineering

AJU's experience in the Electrical and Computer Arts includes expertise in:

  • Electrical Components

  • Electronics

  • Semi-conductors

  • Electron Element

  • Telecommunications

  • Display Devices

  • Computer Science

  • Software

  • Business Methods (B.M.)

  • Solid State Physics

  • Physics

  • Optical Fiber Technologies

AJU's experience in the Chemical, Material Science, Pharmaceutical, and Biotech Arts includes expertise in:

  • Organic Chemistry

  • Inorganic Chemistry

  • Fine Chemicals

  • Bio chemistry

  • Bio-technology

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Food

  • Recycling Techniques

  • Fibers

  • Material Genetic Engineering &
    Recombinant DNA Techniques

  • Molecular Biology

  • Microorganisms

  • Immunology

Designs/Trademarks/ Domain Names

왼/위 오/위 오/아래 왼/아래

AJU Kim Chang & Lee has registered thousand of trade marks for our clients including two-dimensional and three-dimensional marks, service marks, official hallmarks, business formats, emblems of organizations, geographical marks, and cultural emblems. AJU also has extensive experience in registering, designs and domain names.
To preserve business stability and maintain customer trust, designs and trademarks are one of a company’s most valuable assets. AJU understands the magnitude of these qualities, which allows us to provide customized advice to facilitate our client’s businesses.

Copyrights and Computer Programs

왼/위 오/위 오/아래 왼/아래

AJU Kim Chang & Lee provides expert legal protection for all types of creative productions. Its service extends to all the copyright categories set by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Ministry of Knowledge Economy such as, author’s rights, entrepreneurial rights related to software, literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works, entrepreneurial works, sound recordings, broadcasts, films, published editions, use of the cultural goods, software and semiconductor integrated circuit device.

In addition, to protect and defend our clients' creative content, AJU has a working group focused on the prevention of copyright infringement and piracy.