Practice Area

AJU Kim Chang & Lee advises its clients with practical solutions for business strategy implementation, consulting, arbitration, litigation, and other enforcement activities. AJU specializes in patent, utility model, design, trademark, copyright, and trade secret enforcement. AJU successfully represents many of the leading companies in enforcement proceedings, notice issuing, preliminary injunctions, primary suit for permanent injunction, damages, and other related civil and criminal remedies related to intellectual property.

AJU’s distinction as one of the top intellectual property firms in Korea is due to the collaboration of outstanding members. One of our leading attorneys is Mr. Ihl-Pyo Hong, whom is the former head judge of Korean Patent Court. AJU's representative patent attorney and attorney-at-law is, Mr. Eun-sub Jung, who was Korea’s first person to attain both Korean Attorney-at-Law and Korean Patent Attorney qualifications. Other Patent Attorneys at AJU have served as Examiners and Trial Court Judge at the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO). Some of AJU's distinguished attorneys-at-law also pratice at Kim Chang & Lee, including Several U.S. attorneys-at-law. AJU is proud to have various, technical experts with profound knowledge of intellectual property in various fields of technology.

  • Sanyo Denki Kabushiki Kaisha(JPN) v. LG Electronics(KOR), Electric-Sweeper; Invalidation of patent

  • ASMAC v. Dongun(KOR), Slide Load Frame; Invalidation of patent

  • Daewoo Electronics(KOR) v. LG Electronics(KOR), Drum Washing Machine; Invalidation of patent

  • Lotte Kabushiki Kaisha, Lotte Confectionary(JPN) v. Orion Corp(KOR), Candy Manufacturing Methods; Invalidation of patent

  • Volvo Group Korea(KOR) v. Kabushiki Kaisha Komatsu Seyisakeusyo(JPN), Rotation Type Construction Machine; Invalidation of patent

  • Myungmoon Pharma.Co, LTD.(KOR) v. N.V.Organon, Alpha-Hydroxy Methyl; Scope Confirmation & Invalidation of patent

  • Globalcybermoney v. Galaxy Communications(USA), Operating System of Real-time Stored-value Card; Invalidation of patent

  • Nonghyup Moguchon(KOR) v. Hareem(KOR), Instant Samgyetang Kitchen Recipes; Invalidation of patent

  • Cheil Industries(KOR) v. Vision Hightech(KOR), Stamper for fabricating a light guide plate; Invalidation of patent

  • CJ, Yungjin, Hanmi Pharmaceuticals(KOR) v. Sanofi-Synthelabo(FRA), Methyl-α-Cloro phenyl; Invalidation of patent

  • Korea Express Corporation(KOR) v. Gigamips(KOR), Highway toll collection system; Invalidation of patent

  • Others

  • Feelux(KOR) v. Samsung Everland(KOR), TOMORROW; Cancellation of trademark

  • Tamasu Co., Ltd. (JPN) v. Jong-won Lee(KOR), Butterfly; Invalidation & Cancellation of trademark

  • Kabushiki Kaisha Carmate(JPN) v. Camate Inc., CAR MATE; Invalidation of trademark

  • Tosoh Kabushiki Kaisha(JPN) v. Samsung Electronics(KOR), SEC; Cancellation of trademark

  • Leu Locati S.R.L.(ITA) v. Vincent Corp.(USA), LEULOCATI; Invalidation of trademark

  • Merino Bed v. Companie Pinansie Societe Anonym, MERINOS; Cancellation of trademark

  • Daewoo Electronics(KOR) v. Daimler Chrysler Corporation(USA), NOVUS; Cancellation of trademark

  • Hoyu Kabushiki Kaisha(JPN) v. American Business Advisory Group(USA), CIELO; Cancellation of trademark

  • Mbengue Lemou(FRA) v. Hanul Inc.(KOR), Christian Chauveau; Cancellation of trademark

  • Boryung Medience Inc.(KOR) v. STC Corporation(KOR), CLITE; Cancellation of trademark

  • Boryung Pharm. Inc.(KOR) v. Sin-il Pharm(KOR), PHENOUGH; Cancellation of trademark

  • Boryung Biopharma(KOR) v. The Menthoradum Company Incorporated, MENTHORATUM; Scope Confirmation & Invalidation of trademark

  • Hite Holdings(KOR) v. Craft Who’s Holdings, MAX; Cancellation of trademark

  • Esquire(KOR) v. Fashion Yahoo, Sorgente; Cancellation of trademark registration

  • National Agricultural Cooperative Federation(KOR) v. Park Min-chul(KOR), TOREORE; Invalidation of trademark

  • National Agricultural Cooperative Federation(KOR) v. Haitai Beverage Co. Ltd.(KOR), Cheon Nyeon(Millenium); Cancellation of trademark

  • National Agricultural Cooperative Federation(KOR) v. CJ(KOR), Fresia; Cancellation of trademark

  • National Agricultural Cooperative Federation(KOR) v. Ottogi Co. Ltd.(KOR), Han A-reum; Cancellation of trademark

  • Yungjin Pharmaceutical Co.(KOR) v. Daewoong Co. Ltd.(KOR), UBITEN; Cancellation of trademark

  • Moon Seong-hoon(O-Jang Dong Hamheung naengmyeon)(KOR) v. Park Jong-whan(KOR), O-Jang Dong Hamheung naengmyeon; Invalidation of trademark

  • Keumkang Housing Inc.(KOR) v. Dong-do Construction Inc.(KOR), Centurium; Scope Confirmation & Invalidation of trademark

  • Trademark dispute litigation concerning “SEOUL NATIONAL UNIVERSITY” before the Supreme Court of Korea

  • Trademark dispute litigation between Amore Pacific and Tosowoong Co., Ltd.

  • Others

  • Janet Cruise Designs Inc; Anti -counterfeiting Enforcement litigation

  • Woongjin Accounting & tax Academy; Copyright infringement litigation

  • O2soft v. Hyosung Datasystems; Injunction over video computer program

  • Prima Atec Inc v. IIAC; Copyright infringement over wastewater treatment plant of the Incheon airport

  • Pentel Korea v. B.J. Choi; Litigation over internet total marketing program

  • Mongsil Inc v. Fe & Company; Copyright Litigation over clothing design

  • Sunyuongsa v. K.B. Lee; Remedy for copyright infringement damage

  • Others