Chemicals, Materials, Life Science

Hyejin Lee

Partner, Patent Attorney

  • Introduction

    Hyejin Lee is a partner patent attorney in charge of AJU Kim Chang Lee’s Chemicals/Materials/Bio & Pharmaceuticals team and holds 20 years of experience in patent drafting, patent prosecution, patent litigation, patent licensing, and client counseling. Her technical experience includes, polymer materials, electronic materials, metals, nano particles, environmental science, optical devices, and pharmaceutical technology.
  • Technical fields

    Polymer materials, rubbers, ceramic materials, composite, metals, EMI shielding materials, EPS, CNT, graphene, water treatment, membrane, waste disposal, adhesives, polarizer, composite sheet, BLU, LED, OLED, LCD, touch panel, flexible display, film molding, ACF, semiconductor epoxy moldings, CMP, solar cell, secondary battery, fuel cell, catalyst, lubricant, fertilizer, foods, fibers, pharmaceutical composition, etc.
  • Areas of Practice / Major Cases

    - Invalidation Search on Biodegradable Resin Composition
    - Invalidation Trial related to OLED
    - Invalidation and Infringement Searches related to Olefin Catalyst
    - Patent Application on Alloy Iron
    - Invalidation Search on Poly(organosiloxane) Composition
    - Infringement Search on Resin Composition for encapsulating LED
    - Ion-conductive Composition for Protecting Reactive Metal Anode
    - Invalidation Trial related to Meat Surface Washing
    - Invalidation Trial and Litigation related to Plating
    - Infringement Examination related to Meta-aramid
    - Infringement Search and Analysis on Hydro refined Biodiesel
    - Infringement Analysis related to Conductive Gasket
    - Infringement Search and Analysis on related to Kraft
    - Invalidation Search related to EPS
    - Patent Search on Touch Panel
    - Infringement Search on Water Treatment
  • Education & Career

    - Hongik University
    (B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering)
    - DK CHOI & PARTNERS Patent Office
    - AJU Kim Chang Lee
    - Member of KPAA
    (Korean Patent Attorneys Association)
    - Member of APAA
    (Asian Patent Attorneys Association)
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