Chemicals, Materials, Life Science

Youn-hee Kim

Patent Attorney

  • Introduction

    Youn-hee KIM is a patent attorney in Chemicals/Materials/Bio & Pharmaceuticals Team at AJU Kim Chang & Lee, focusing in the areas of biotechnology. She represents domestic and foreign clients in the prosecution and litigation of intellectual property rights, and counsels on technology matters related to bio, pharmaceuticals and chemistry.
  • Technical fields

    Molecular biology, Microorganism, Biochemistry, Immunology, Pharmaceuticals, Enzymology, Antibody engineering, Bioprocess technology, Fermentation engineering, Cosmetics, Biopolymer, etc.
  • Areas of Practice / Major Cases

    - Invalidation trial regarding cosmetic composition, food composition, etc.
    - Appeal on Decision for rejection regarding biomaterials, pharmaceutical composition, etc.
    - Correction trial regarding pharmaceutical composition.
    - Patent Litigation regarding food composition, method of construction involving chemical composition, etc.
    - Patent Litigation regarding method of construction involving chemical composition.
    - Written opinion on Infringement regarding pharmaceutical composition
    - Prior-art search report on biomaterials.
    - Patent portfolio development.
  • Education & Career

    - Korea University : B.Sc in Genetic Engineering
    - Korea University : M.Sc in Medical Biotechnology
    - Registered as a patent attorney in 2003
    - WON International Patent & Law Firm
    - EZ International Patent & Trademark Law Office
    - YOUME Patent & Law Firm
    - AJU Kim Chang & Lee
  • Books and Publications

    - Development of CTB expression vector using MAR
  • Contacts