Chemicals, Materials, Life Science

Dong-woo Shin

Patent Attorney

  • Introduction

    Dong-woo Shin is a registered patent attorney in AJU Kim Chang & Lee. He holds a master's degree in electronic material, and served as a researcher for a semiconductor memory institute. His practice focuses on semiconductor device, semiconductor process, nano device and process, solar cell, and so on. As a legal and technical expert as well as a former practicing engineer, he approaches intellectual property issues from a practical, business-focused perspective.
  • Technical fields

    Semiconductor device and process, a display device and process, Nano Device and process solar cell, secondary fuel cell, image sensor, electronic and magnetic material.
  • Areas of Practice / Major Cases

    - Application regarding semiconductor device, semiconductor process, & liquid crystal display (Samsung Electronics Inc.)
    - Application, patent trial & patent litigation regarding semiconductor & storage (IBM)
    - Application regarding the cases of IV(intellectual ventures)
    - Patent mining and evaluation regarding LG Electronics Inc., & IPCube Partners
    - Application regarding semiconductor device & semiconductor process (SK Hynix Inc.)
    - Patent consulting, analysis & evaluation, lecture for patent
  • Education & Career

    - Seoul National University ( B. Sc. & M. Sc. in Metallurgical Engineering)
    - Complete the Nano IP Enterprise Program
    - Researcher of memory institute at Hynix Semiconductor Inc.
    - 21st Century Patent & Law Firm
    - Lee International IP & Law Group
    - ISIS Patent & Law Firm
  • Contact