Seung-ho Na

Patent Attorney

  • Introduction

    Seung-Ho Na is a partner patent attorney at AJU Kim Chang Lee. He obtained a B.Sc.(2002) in Electronics Engineering from Yonsei University. His practice focuses on patent and trademark prosecution, counseling and litigation, and computer program registration. He is a registered patent attorney, with prosecution experience in the fields of electronics, semiconductor, communication and emerging technologies.
  • Technical fields

    - Semiconductor design
    o DDR(Double Data Rate)
    o LPDDR(Low Power Double Data Rate)
    o GDDR(Graphic Double Data Rate)
    o Temperature Sensor
    o IO control
    o Smart Media Memory Stick
    o Multi Media card
    o UFS(universal flash storage)
    o SSD
    o DIMM

    - Communication
    o Communication protocol
    o Local Area Network
    o Power Line Communication
    o CDMA
    o Repeater
    o Wireless 2G/3G/4G/LTE Standard Essential Patents (SEPs)
    o Antenna

    - Automotive, AI and Optics

    - Computers
    o Operating Systems
    o Hardware Technologies
    o Networking Technologies
    o Smartphone Technologies

    - Software / BM
    o Audio and Video Codecs Standard Essential Patents (SEPs)
    o Baseband Processors
    o Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    o Block Chain Technologies
    o Database Management
  • Areas of Practice / Major Cases

    - Patent prosecution in the areas of
    o semiconductor device and semiconductor system
    o Internal address generation circuit
    o Signal receiving device and signal input output system
    o Temperature sensor & shift register

    - Patent litigation :
    o KR Supreme Court cases
    o KR Patent Court cases

    - Prior art research, patent mappping & analysis on Continuation Application & System Claim

    - IP R&D patent trend analysis
    - Construction of patent strategy
    - R&D task project to understand technical standard
    - Project to analyze competence for patent
  • Education & Career

    - Yonsei University (B.Sc. in Electric Engineering)
    - KASAN Patent Office
    - KPAA (Korean Patent Attorneys Association)
  • Contact