Seung-ho Na

Patent Attorney

  • Introduction

    Seung-Ho Na is a partner patent attorney at AJU Kim Chang Lee. He obtained a B.Sc.(2002) in Electronics Engineering from Yonsei University. His practice focuses on patent and trademark prosecution, counseling and litigation, and computer program registration. He is a registered patent attorney, with prosecution experience in the fields of electronics, semiconductor, communication and emerging technologies.
  • Technical fields

    (1) Semiconductor design
    DDR(Double Data Rate), LPDDR(Low Power Double Data Rate), GDDR(Graphic Double Data Rate), Temperature Sensor, IO control, Smart Media Memory Stick, Multi Media card, UFS(universal flash storage), SSD, DIMM

    (2) Commu nication
    Communication protocol, Local Area Network, Power Line Communication, CDMA, Repeater, Antenna

    (3)Automotive, AI and Optics
  • Areas of Practice / Major Cases

    (1) Patent prosecution in the areas of semiconductor device and semiconductor system, internal address generation circuit, signal receiving device and signal input output system, and temperature sensor & shift register

    (2) Patent litigation :
    KR Supreme Court case (2009HU4636)
    KR Patent Cour case (2009HUH4346)

    (3) Prior art research, patent mappping & analysis on Continuation Application & System Claim

    (4) IP R&D patent trend analysis, construction of patent strategy, R&D task project to understand technical standard and competence for patent
  • Education & Career

    - Yonsei University (B.Sc. in Electric Engineering)
    - KASAN Patent Office
    - KPAA (Korean Patent Attorneys Association)
  • Contact