Jong-hwa Yoon

Patent Attorney

  • Introduction

    Jong-hwa Yoon, a patent attorney, practices in the Electronics team at AJU Kim Chang & Lee. Specifically, he assists domestic and foreign clients in domestic/overseas patent application, office action response, and prior art searches. His practice focuses on technical fields including semiconductor, IT, communication, computer software, home appliances, and etc.
  • Technical fields

    - Software
    o Automotive
    o Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    o Block Chain Technologies
    o Database Management
    o Smartphone Applications

    - Telecommunications
    o Wireless 2G/3G/4G/LTE Standard Essential Patents (SEPs)
    o Fiber optics, DSL, and Wireline Technologies
    o Server Technologies

    - Semiconductors
    o Circuitry
    o Processing (e.g. transistor manufacturing processes)
    o Packaging
    o Materials Science

    - Computers
    o Operating Systems
    o Hardware Technologies
    o Networking Technologies
    o Smartphone Technologies

    - Automotive
    o Autonomous Driving Vehicles
    o Transmissions
    o Vehicle-to-Vehicle Technologies
    o Powertrain Technologies

    - Electrical Engineering
    o Home Appliance
    o Power Plant Devices (Wind, Solar)
    o Personal Devices

  • Areas of Practice / Major Cases

    - Patent portfolio & infringement counsel
    - Patent prosecution
    - Appeal and litigation
    - Infringement appraisal for Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) (wind power generator)
    - Patent application and counseling on portfolio construction and patent roadmap for SaramIN (HR)
    - Patent application and infringement analysis for Hyundai MnSoft
    - Counseling on patent identification and acted as a judge for universities such as Keimyung University, Kongju National University & etc.
    - Consulting on risk prevention and management of foreign patent for the Korea Intellectual Property Protection Agency (banknote counter, display & etc.)
    - Counseling on electrical & electronic IT sectors for Korea Technology Finance Corporation (KIBO)
    - Counseling for the Economic Cooperation Voluntary Industry Promotion project led by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (environmentally friendly vehicles)
  • Education & Career

    - Patent Attorney(2013)
    - Seoul National University
    (B. Sc. In Electrical and Computer Engineering)
  • Contact