Hae-in Kim Patent Attorney

Partner, Patent Attorney

  • Introduction

    Hae-in Kim, a partner patent attorney in AJU Kim Chang & lee, is a manager of International Team. She manages communication with foreign clients about their case status, and also performs trials, legal actions, other works on disputes, and overseas patent & trademark applications for domestic companies. She represents domestic and foreign clients in patent & trademark applications, trials, and legal actions, relevant to chemistry, polymer or biotechnology. In addition, she carries out legal advices on Intellectual Property Rights in general, including patent, trademark, copyright and the Prevention of Unfair Competition Act.

  • Technical fields

    - Materials
    o Barrier film
    o Graphite sheet
    o Fiber enhanced material / forming
    o TPE
    o Synthesized marble
    o Steel panel, bumper beam, INVAR alloy
    o Medical material
    o Pultrusion
    o Fiber / textile
    o PC
    o ABS, ASA
    o Polyolefin, Graphene
    o Quantum dot
    o Nano particle
    o Stampable sheet

    - Pharmaceutical
    o Process
    o Pharmaceutical composition
    o Gene technology

    - Micro organism

    - Energy
    o Solar cell
    o Secondary battery
    (Positive/negative active material, separator, electrolyte)
    o Fuel cell
    o Biomass fuel

    - Semiconductor and display
    o Adhesive
    o Composite sheet
    o LED, BLU, OLED, LCD,
    o Touch panel
    o Flexible display
    o Polarizer
    o Film forming
    o ACF (Anisotropic Conductive Film)
    o Semiconductor epoxy molding
    o CMP catalyst
    o Conductive gasket
    o Etching agent
    o High-pressure container

    - Biotechnology
    o Food production
    o Enzymes
    o Computational biotechnology

    - Water treatment
    o Filtering
    o Membrane
    o Wastewater treatment

    - Surface treatment (coating, plating, adhesive)
    - Lubricant

  • Areas of Practice

    - Advisory of foreign clients
    - Filing application and prosecution of patent, trademark, copyright and domain
    - Patent and trademark trial and litigation
    - Infringement analysis / product clearance
    - Patent/trademark portfolio counseling
    - Technical consulting
    - Branding consulting
  • Major Cases

    - Patent invalidation suit of 'a method of manufacturing candy' between Lotte Co., Ltd. and ORION Co., Ltd.
    - An invalidation suit and an invalidation investigation related to light guide plate of Cheil lndustries
    - Patent and trademark dispute related to pharmaceutical for Boryung Pharm
    - Foreign application assignment and legal advice related to lactobacillus of Cell Biotech
    - Patent application/trial/litigation related to pharmaceutical and chemistry for foreign companies including Teva Pharmaceutical, Tosoh & etc.
    - Legal advice related to the trademark of Daemyung Holdings/Woori Bank/Hyundai Mobis/HDIT Co., Ltd.
    - Counsel of the trademark dispute related to 'CNP' for CNP Cosmetics
    - Counsel of trademark application and overseas dispute for Kumho Tire
    - Invalidation dispute and legal advice of the trademark ‘버터플라이’ for TAMASU, Japan
    - Patent trend analysis and designing around a patent of National support business, and many others
  • Education & Career

    - Seoul National University (B.Sc. in Textile Engineering)
    - Seoul National University (M.Sc. & Ph.D in Polymer Chemistry)
    - Boston University (Program in Biotechnology)
    - University of New Hampshire (Franklin Pierce Law Center) ( Intellectual Property law)
    - AJU Kim Chang & lee (from 1999 to the present)
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