Intellectual Property & Business Litigation

Our attorneys in the Intellectual Property & Business Litigation Group have represented clients in a full range of matters related to intellectual property and business. Examples of litigation issues that AJU has handled for clients include patent issues, trademark issues, copyright issues, licensing issues, trade secret misappropriation issues, unfair competition issues, defamation issues, false advertising issues, and many others. AJU's intellectual property and business litigation group is regarded with distinction as one of the top intellectual property firms in Korea due to the professionalism, experience, hard work, and dedication of our team. Two leading members of this team include Mr. M.T. AHN and Mr. I.P. HONG, both former head judges of Korean Patent Court. Also leading this team is Mr. E.S. JUNG, whom is the first Korean to hold both a license to practice as an attorney-at-law and as a patent attorney in Korea. Other members of our team have served as Examiners or Trial Court Judge at the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO). Our team has distinguished attorneys and technical experts with profound knowledge in intellectual property and virtually all fields of technology.