Mechanical Engineering, Automotive,
Aerospace & Transportation

Kong-il Ryu

Partner, Patent Attorney

  • Introduction

    Gong-Il Yoo handles patent application, trial, litigation in mechanical fields at AJU Kim Chang & Lee. He served as a patent examiner for Korean Intellectual Property Office, and also as a chief in the department of examination 4. He worked as a presiding trial examiner in the President of the Intellectual Property Tribunal as well. After 27 years of public career as a patent examiner and a presiding trial examiner, he joined AJU Kim Chang & Lee in 1999.
    He provides years of experience in representing domestic/foreign companies in patent application, trial, and litigation. In addition, he teaches patent law and practice as a professor at Yonsei University law school. Recently, he is active in legal consulting on IP strategy for domestic/foreign high-tech companies.

  • Technical fields

    patent application, registration and trial practices, litigation, infringement analysis and avoidance strategy, consultation on intellectual property related matters, consultation on intellectual property acquisition and strategy on techniques, architectural engineering and civil engineering, manufacturing steel products, invention related to computer, precision machinery
  • Areas of Practice / Major Cases

    - Patent Litigation of DOHWA Engineering Co. Ltd. vs Enviropia Co. Ltd. on ‘Urban Waste Landfill’
    - Patent Litigation of the Korean Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers vs. E.L.Korea on ‘Lubricant Supply Apparatus’
    - Patent Litigation of Illinois Tool Works vs. Woojin A City on ‘Wiping Cross Cleaner’
    - Patent Invalidation of Paradise Co. Ltd. vs Yongwon E& C on ‘Fire Protection System’
    - Patent Invalidation of Hanbit ITC. Vs Jin-ki Changon ‘Hardwood Carpet’
    - Patent Invalidationof H Benesu Co. Ltd. vs Won-boKwak on ‘Multi-layered Insole with Foot Reflex Effect’
    - Patent trend analysis and avoidance strategy on ‘Nation Supported Various Business Projects’
  • Education & Career

    - Seoul National University (B.Sc. in Architectural Engineering)
    - Team Leader of Depart No. 4 at Korean Intellectual Property Office
    - Team Leader of Judgment Division at Korean Intellectual Property Office
    - Permanent Inspector at Korean Institute for Industrial Technology
    - Inspector at Kyonggi Institute of Technology
    - Professor of Patent and the Utility Model Practices and Trial
    - Professor of International Intellectual Patent and Trademark Institute at Korean Intellectual Property Office
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