Mechanical Engineering, Automotive,
Aerospace & Transportation

Dae-jin Park

Partner, Patent Attorney

  • Introduction

    Dae-jin Park is a patent attorney in Mechenical patent team of AJU Kim Chang & Lee. He represents domestic companies in patent application, trial and litigation with respect to machines, automobiles, home appliances, and household items.

    Dae-jin brings over 15 years of experience as a patent examiner in mechanical part of the Korean Intellectual Property Office. His experience in KIPO has enabled Park to serve specialized support to clients in overall business as for patent application, trial, litigation, and dispute.

    Dae-jin provides years of experience and a special focus in legal consultation and contract review for domestic companies, including analysing patent infringement, designing around a patent, transfer of technique, and licence. Especially, he is active in teaching intellectual property law including patent law at companies and universities, and in helping ventures with legal advice and establishment of a strategy to secure and protect patent right.
  • Technical fields

    - Mechanical engineering
    o Automotive
    o Construction engineering

    - Electronics
    o Home appliances
    o Personal devices

    - Software
    o Personal certifying system
    o BM
    o Financial system
  • Areas of Practice

    - Prosecution of domestic and foreign patent applications
    - Patent and trademark trials
    - Counseling on IP prosecution, trials and litigation
  • Major Cases

    - Mand Corporation vs Samsung Electronics‘Kimchi refrigerator’ Patent litigation
    - SGB vsGMS Construction’s‘bridge method of construction’ Patent litigation
    - 한국윤활기술 vs EL Korea’s‘Apparatus for supplying lubricant’ Patent litigation
    - Sun Tech vsEastern Mastec Corp.’s‘surveillance camera with built in infrared light’ Patent litigation
    - Invalidity of patent case of SASMAC Co., Ltd vsDongyeon’s‘slide load frame’
    - Invalidity of patent case of Sanyo Denki Kabushiki Kaisha vs LG Electronics ‘drum type washing machine’
    - Invalidity of patent case of Volve Group KoreavsKabushiki KaishaKomatsuSeisarkshow’s‘ROTATION TYPE CONSTRUCTION MACHINE’
    - Invalidity of patent case of Korea expressway Corporation vsGiga Mibs’‘expressway electronic toll collection’
  • Education & Career

    - Yonsei University : School of Law (Patent Practice Major, 1st Graduation)
    - Korean Military Academy (B.S. in Mechanical Engineering) Examiner of the General Machinery Examination Team (of KIPO)
    - Manager of Prime Mover Machinery Examination Team (of KIPO)
    - The first lecturer of Patent Law at Kyonggi University
    - Researcher of the Research Association on patent Information in the KIPO Member of a standing committee of the KPAA (Korean Patent Attorneys Association)
    - Management Consulting Committee of Technology business incubation center at Munkyung College
    - Alumni President of Yonsei university : School of Law’s 1st Graduation
    - Partner attorney of AJU Kim Chang & Lee(present)
  • Books and Publications

    - Multiple claim system of revised interpretation of the claims
    - Writing scope of an request for a patent and avoidance
    - Patent Law Interpretation
    - Point Patent Law
    - Step by Step Patent Law Workbook
    - Looking over writing scope of a request for a patent and interpretation
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