Mechanical Engineering, Automotive,
Aerospace & Transportation

Yong-woo Lee

Partner, Patent Attorney

  • Introduction

    Yong-Woo Lee, a partner patent attorney, is the chief officer of Mechanical/Electronics/Design practices at AJU Kim Chang & Lee. He has exclusively practiced in various works related to patent application in machinery, automobile, engineering, robot, imaging machinery, e-commerce, business method, designs and daily supplies fields as well as technology & IP advice and patent trial & litigation for domestic and foreign clients. He has teaching experience in various fields at Seoul National University, Sungkyunkwan University, KAIST, Hanyang University, and domestic and foreign companies. He has been providing technical & legal consultancy services and IP R&D strategic construction services related to the client’s technical development.
  • Technical fields

    - Mechanical Engineering
    o Personal devices
    o General machinery
    o Precision machinery
    o Automobile
    o Air-conditioning machinery
    o Conveying machinery
    o Construction machinery
    o Prime mover machinery
    o Smartphone Technologies
    - Software
    o BM patent
    o Electronic commerce
    - Computers
    o Hardware technologies
    - Design
  • Areas of Practice / Major Cases

    Dispute between Daewoo Electronics and LG Electronics, application and infringement analysis of Hyundai Mobis, application and infringement analysis of Hyundai steel, application and infringement analysis of KEPCO, consulting risk prevention and management of foreign patent for KIPRA, qualitative evaluation business of patent registrations, technology valuation (Plasma heating system, KICT etc.), rights and technology evaluation connected to KIBO, IP R&D patent trend analysis and avoidance design (lighting products, Plasma heating system etc.), consulting for small and medium businesses (invention related to the duties, patent map, constructing patent portfolio, constructing patent roadmap etc.), writing the patent map of nano fusion material and green technology for recovery of valuables, patent trend investigation of robots for solar-cell process, R&D task project to understand technical standard and competence for patent
  • Education & Career

    - Seoul National University (B.Sc. in Mechanical engineering)
    - Daewoo Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.
    - Patent team manager of Venture Company ‘Human Dream’
    - Lee & Mock Patent Law Firm
    - Expert committeeman of KEA i-PAC
    - Creative Economy Town Mentor
    - Outside consultant of Korea Technology Finance Corporation
    - Board member of Korea Intellectual Patent Society
    - Consultant of Hybrid Technology Institute
    - Technology transfer agent
    - Expert committeeman of Patents Assistance Center
    - Expert of North-Gyeonggi Regional Intellectual Property Center
    - Lecturer specialized in Intellectual property rights (methods for business method, methods for writing proposals, invention related to the duties, foreign patent law, patent map, patent analysis methods, etc.)
  • Books and Publications

    - Methods for writing a patent specification
    - Invention with omitted elements
    - Capstone Design and IPR
  • Contact