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Edward J. Jung Patent Attorney & Attorney at Law

Patent Attorney & Attorney at Law

  • Introduction

    Edward J. Jung is an attorney at law/a patent attorney at AJU Kim Chang & Lee. He graduated from University of Illinois with a B.S. degree in Biomolecular Engineering.
    He is responsible for filing patent applications & registrations in the fields of chemistry and biomedical technologies for both domestic and foreign clients, and for carrying out legal actions involving intellectual property rights in general.
  • Technical fields

    - Energy
    o Solar cell
    o Secondary battery
    (Positive/negative active material, separator, electrolyte)
    o Fuel cell
    o Biomass fuel

    - Material
    o Barrier film
    o Graphite sheet
    o Fiber enhanced material / forming
    o Steel panel, bumper beam, INVAR alloy
    o Medical material
    o Fiber / textile

    - Polymer
    o PC
    o ABS, ASA
    o Polyolefin, Graphene
    o EPS, CNT
    o Pultrusion

    - Water treatment
    o Filtering
    o Membrane
    o Wastewater treatment
    o Tank/Sewage engineering

    - Surface treatment
    o Plating
    o Coating
    o Adhesive
    o Screening

    - Steel smelting
    o Process
    o Steel composition
    o Furnace engineering

    - Food
    o Antioxidant
    o Antiseptic
    o Flavor additives / removers

    - Household goods / Cosmetics
    o Functional cosmetics
    o Air freshener
  • Areas of Practice / Major Cases

    - Patent analysis and patent mapping for Abbott and Medtronix.
    - Patent application for Lotte Chemical, Hanwha Advanced Chemical, Hyundai Steel.
    - Litigation/appeal cases related to patent/breed protection/unfair competition for Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (a division of the government of South Korea), and Korea Electric Power Corporation.
  • Education & Career

    - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - B.S. in Biomolecular Engineering
    - Konkuk Law School : J.D. in Law
    - Passed the 6th National Bar Examination
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