Geon-ung Lee Attorney at Law

Attorney at Law

  • 主要業務分野/ケース

    - Civil Litigation
    - Criminal Litigation
    - Administrative Litigation
    - Tax Litigation
  • 学歴及び経歴

    - Seoul National University, College of Law (LL.B.)
    - Munchen University, Germany
    - Bonn University, Germany
    - Judicial Research and Training Institute of the
    Supreme Court of Korea
    - Judge, Eastern District, Seoul District Court
    - Judge, Daejon High Court
    - Legal Policy Researcher, Court Administration Office
    - Judge, Seoul High Court
    - Chief Judge, Incheon District Court
  • 著書及び論文

    - "Infringement of Personal Rights by the Mass Media and its Relief" (1994)
    - "Relief Methods for Infringement of Personal Interests by the Mass Media" (1997)