Sung-youl Kim Attorney at Law

Attorney at Law

  • 主要業務分野/ケース

    Legal advisor for enterprises
  • 学歴及び経歴

    - Graduated from School of Law at Seoul National University.
    - Northwestern University School of Law(LL.M with Honours)
    - Graduated from Boston University School of Law, U.S.A. (LL.M. in Banking Law)
    - University of California (Berkeley) School of Law, U.S.A. (Visiting Scholar)
    - Seoul National University Law School (JSD Candidate)
    - Passed the 24th state law examination in Korea(Completed the 14th course of the Judicial Research & Training Institute.).
    - Passed the bar examination of the State of New York, U.S.A.
    - UC Berkeley School of Law Visiting Scholar, U.S.A.
    - Associate at Paul, Weiss, Rifikind, Warton & Garrison, a law firm in New York.
    - Arbitrator at the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board
    - Legal Counsel for the Deliberative Committee on Banking Industry Development in the Ministry of Finance, Korea
    - Member of Government Advisory Group on Economic Affairs in the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy
    - Member of the Trade Policy Advisory Committee in the Ministry of Trade & Industry
    - Lecturer at International Graduate School of Koryo University, University of Seoul and Hong Ik University, etc., adjunct professor at School of Law at Sook Myung Women's University
    - Outside Director at Kyungnam Bank, Star Lease Co., Ltd. and Pureun 2 Mutual Savings Bank
    -Regular Director of Dan Kook University
    - Research member of University Restructuring Policy Project (Ministry of Education Science & Technology)
    - Participated in a meeting of OECD Insurance Committee as a national representative (Fair Trade Commission)
    - Member of the Communication Committee and the Laws and General Terms and Conditions Review Committee
    - Member of the Government Officer Wage Review Committee
    - Self regulation schreening member of the Financial Supervisory Commission
    - Public enterprise administrative evaluation member of the Ministry of Finance & Planning
    - Outside Professor of the Judicial Research & Training Institute
    - Substantial Judge on abrogation of listing in the Korea Stock Exchange
    - Legal advisor for the Ministry of Environment
    - Legal advisor for Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
    - Legal advisor for Korea Communications Commission
    - International Business Transaction Examination Deliberation Committee, Ministry of Justice
    - Regular Director of Korean Bar Association
    - Legal advisor for Korean Society of Authors, Governors’ Association of Korea, Government Employees Pension Service, Industrial Bank of Korea, Lotte Asset Development Co., Ltd., KTB Capital, etc.
  • 著書及び論文

    - A Study on Abrogation of Listing due to Insufficiency of Stock Price Level, Sungkyoon Law (2007)
    - Influence on Korean Enterprises’ Mergers or Acquisitions by Trade Form, written by Hyun-Jong Kim & Sung-Youl Kim, International Law & Administration (1993, Autumn)
    - Private Lawsuit under Article 36 of the U.S. Investment Company Act, International Law & Administration (1994, Autumn)
    - Plan for Strengthening Competitiveness of Banking Industry (Fair Trade Commission)
    - A legal study on Substantial Investigation of Delisting(2010)